The Future of Food Production is Insight

Leading Agri-Food software developer KisanHub have launched Reporting and Analytics Dashboardsto provide fast, convenient access to business-critical supply chain data for Producer Groups.

The Fresh Produce Supply Chain

The Dashboards aggregate real-time information from KisanHub’s existing range of agri-data solutions to provide a comprehensive overview of crop progress, weather reports, satellite imagery, stock levels, contracts and more.

Replacing spreadsheets and some degree of guesswork, the new update provides one source of truth for any fresh produce supply chain. Disparate data sets from growers and customers are summarised in one place to provide actionable insights to improve margins, reduce waste and streamline operations.

Commercial Managers, Supply Chain Analysts and Procurement Teams can all use the application to make better purchasing decisions, work collaboratively with growers and suppliers and plan distribution with greater accuracy.

The Dashboards also provide useful summaries of contracts and supply KPIs side by side so it is clear to all stakeholders how a season is progressing and where there may be shortfalls or surplus. Raw data can also be downloaded for analysis and reports can be easily shared with customers to provide a clearer picture of contract progress or to explain any deviation in quality, yield, or delivery date.

Giles Barker, CEO said; “There’s currently a huge information blind spot between planting and when the crop finally turns up at the packhouse. It creates risk and uncertainty for Producer Groups who already operate at low margins while trying to meet the exacting demands of the supermarket chains. With so much at stake, we’re bringing together our expertise in software and agriculture to make the fresh produce supply chain more predictable. With our new Dashboards, Producer Groups can forecast more accurately and have reliable information to negotiate better commercial terms.”

Lisa Beattie, VP of Product and Engineering added: “The increased focus on sustainability and the need to reduce waste has become a major concern for Producer Groups. Our new Dashboards show what’s on schedule and what’s not. This enables any corrective action to be taken sooner. By reducing waste and optimising their fresh food supply chain, Producer Groups are clearly showing their commitment to sustainability.”

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