Lighting the Future: Bloem and Ecopromt Join Forces to Revolutionise Vertical Farming

Vertical Farming

Bloemteknik (t/a Bloem), a leading provider of customised horticultural lighting solutions, has announced a strategic partnership with Ecopromt, a company specialising in the design and construction of vertical farms.

The collaboration aims to deliver tailored lighting solutions to vertical farm operators globally, enhancing crop quality, increasing yields, and optimising cost-of-ownership.

James Fleet, founder of Bloem, stated: “Our partnership with Ecopromt marks a significant milestone in our commitment to advancing controlled environment agriculture through innovative lighting solutions.

“By combining our expertise in horticultural lighting with Ecopromt’s design and build innovation, we aim to empower vertical farm operators with the tools they need to enhance crop quality and increase yields while optimising cost-of-ownership.”

Bloem’s Align Light-Bar System, known for its adaptability and efficiency, will play a pivotal role in this partnership. The system is designed to optimise productivity in multi-layer, gutter, and cart applications, making it ideal for the unique requirements of vertical farms.

Ecopromt, renowned for its technologically advanced indoor farms, will integrate Bloem’s lighting solutions to provide a seamless, customised approach for each project.

This partnership is set to address the growing global demand for sustainable and efficient agricultural practices.

As the global food crisis intensifies, the integration of advanced lighting solutions and innovative farming techniques will be crucial in ensuring food security for future generations

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