The world’s first digital fence for livestock

Nofence is an agritech company improving sustainability in agriculture by replacing the need for physical fences – infield and outfield. Their digital fence solution makes it easy for farmers to keep livestock on pastures, maximizing the potential of grazing resources.

Founded in 2011, Nofence is the first company in the world to develop virtual fencing technology sold commercially. The Nofence collar counts over 30 million hours of use on goats, sheep and cattle.

Nofence can fundamentally change how grazing resources are utilized globally, allowing more sustainable meat production. The technology reduces the environmental footprint of agriculture by utilizing available pastureland, optimization of grazing rotation and extending the grazing season. This meets an international demand for more sustainable food production, while at the same time safeguarding animal welfare.

Currently in use among 1700 farmers in Norway and recently setting up a UK base in Telford, the Nofence solution consists of a GPS collar and an app that allows farmers to draw digital fences and follow the movements of the grazing livestock on their smartphones.

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