The Future of Agriculture Relies on Technology, says TV Presenter Chris Bavin

With the much-loved FPC Fresh Awards returning this year, celebrity presenter, Chris Bavin, joined Chief Executive of the Fresh Produce Industry (FPC) Nigel Jenney to talk about the role of technology in the future of the fresh produce industry.

If you think about the challenges that the farmers or growers around the country and the world are facing, you know, water shortages, labour shortages, land shortages, and more mouths to feed … the only way to tackle them is by precision farming, in which technology will become an integral part,” Chris explained.

“I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world looking at various different developments and innovations, whether it be vertical farming, or whether it robots assisting farmers on the land, there’s huge, huge opportunities there,” he continued.

“Our industry has been totally committed to feeding the nation and flowering the nation through this very difficult period of the last year or so,” Nigel added.

“I think one of the things that FPC does extremely well is that we are the voice of the industry for the whole of the produce industry – from grower, all the way through to multiple retailer, everything in between, and much, much more.”

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