Mission Produce Unveils Ground-breaking Technology at Fruit Logistica

Mission Produce

At the Fruit Logistica event in Berlin, Mission Produce, Inc. is showcasing its unique avocado ripening solution, dubbed Mission Control, aimed at delivering ripe-and-ready avocados in the UK. This innovative technology offers unparalleled precision in atmosphere-controlled ripening, boasting up to a 38% enhancement in quality consistency over traditional ripening methods. Paul Frowde, the managing director of Mission Produce UK and Europe, highlighted, “I believe we’re the only supplier with this level of control over the ripening environment. Atmosphere control isn’t new to the industry, but this level of precision is.”

Developed in collaboration with Cross Refrigeration and tested extensively with Dr. Jem Burdon of The New Zealand Institute for Plant and Food Research Limited, Mission Control represents a significant leap forward in ripening technology. “Developing Mission Control in exclusivity has provided us with a database of fine-tuned controls to most effectively ripen fruit of any condition,” stated Adam Shaw, technical director at Mission Produce UK. This advancement signals a shift in industry standards and opens up new possibilities for consumer adoption of ripe avocados.

Recent trials have shown that Mission Control excels particularly with fruit that is traditionally challenging to ripen, such as early-season produce or batches with varying conditions. By applying this technology on a commercial scale, Mission Produce continues to refine the process, ensuring optimal ripening conditions for each season. Furthermore, the company is expanding its ripening capabilities at its Dartford, UK, facility and plans to include mangos in its ripened product range.

“We are driven by operational excellence to capitalize on the great market potential for avocados,” Frowde added. “Getting the ripeness right and delivering exceptional quality is how we plan to move the market for avocados, and soon, mangos, in the UK.” Mission Produce will showcase its technology at Fruit Logistica Berlin from February 7-9, 2024.

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