New Zealand’s Agritech Revolution: A Lifeline for UK Farmers in Transition

New Zealand Agritech

The New Zealand government, through its agency New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE), has launched a comprehensive campaign aimed at assisting UK farmers in transitioning to environmentally-based support payments.

The campaign highlights the innovative agritech sector of New Zealand and offers five detailed guides on various farming topics. These guides provide insights, recommendations, and case studies to help UK farmers improve efficiency, profitability, and resilience. Joe Nelson, Trade Commissioner for NZTE, emphasises the need for British farmers to adopt new technologies to remain viable and competitive in the long-term.

Joe Nelson said, “With the transition from BPS to environmentally-led support payments, it is likely British farmers are going to need to take significant strides in becoming more efficient and more profitable in their farm businesses to ensure they are viable in the long-term.”

These guides demonstrate how New Zealand’s technology-driven approach has led to a successful, subsidy-free agricultural sector, providing a valuable model for UK farmers.

Brendan O’Connell, CEO of Agritech New Zealand, noted the pragmatic attitude of New Zealand farmers towards new technologies and encouraged UK farmers to adopt a similar mindset to enhance productivity and profitability.

The guides are freely available for download, offering UK farmers an opportunity to explore and implement advanced agritech solutions.

To download any of the guides produced by NZTE, click this link.

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