FarmVent Unveils Autonomous In-Home Micro-Farming Solution

A Dutch vertical farming start-up, FarmVent, has developed an in-door micro-farming solution. It is an autonomous farm vending machine, created to make food production easier and bring fresh produce closer to consumers.

Farmvent’s two-meter tall, self-contained indoor farm leverages IoT, ML, data science, and LED lamps to grow more food with less effort.

The start-up claims that the farming process can use 90% less water and reduces the use of fertilisers and pesticides by an impressive 75%. It can produce less waste than traditional farming approaches and can aid as an in-store food production utility.

The solution also eliminates the need to transport plants from a separate growing place while helping to reduce their carbon footprint by up to 90%.

It offers consumers personalised harvesting solutions where they can harvest as and when the products get sold.

With our ever-growing global population, it has become essential to transgress to more sustainable ways of growing crops, as arable land gets affected by pests and diseases, rising temperatures, and climate change.

Innovations like FarmVent’s smart farming solution can have particular advantages in urban areas. They can not only help to increase yields, reduce labour costs, and raise the profit margin of agro-businesses, but they also address global food challenges with less environmental impact.

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