Scottish Agritech Firm Unveils UK’s First Autonomous Tractor

Autonomous Tractor

Scottish agritech pioneer SoilEssentials has made history with the arrival of its demonstration AgBot autonomous tractor – the first of its kind in the UK. Developed and manufactured by AgXeed BV in the Netherlands, this groundbreaking agricultural technology marks a huge step forward in farm automation.

The AgBot, initially showcased at the 2022 Royal Highland Show, has been meticulously refined and improved ever since. Farmers now have access to three impressive models, one tracked and two wheeled.

This announcement signals a tangible shift towards the widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles within agriculture.

“Bringing the AgBot to Scotland highlights our dedication to fostering agricultural innovation and progress,” states Graham Ralston, hardware director at SoilEssentials. “The AgBot’s advanced features give farmers the tools to streamline operations, reduce the need for labour in repetitive tasks, and maximise crop yields – all contributing to a stronger, more sustainable agricultural industry.”

The AgBot harnesses the power of automation to deliver unparalleled precision and dependability across a range of farming tasks, from soil preparation and seeding to inter-row weeding, mowing, and ridging. Its arrival is a watershed moment for UK agriculture, giving farmers and contractors a chance to experience the future of farming, right now.

The tracked model AgBot 5.115T2 is SoilEssentials’ demonstration machine, showcasing its abilities in both controlled scenarios and wider, open capacities.

The machine is currently featured in the AgXeed UK AgBot Tour, with demonstrations taking place nationwide and new dates being added often. These demonstrations will feature either the tracked AgBot 5.115T2 or the 4-wheeled 2.055W4 working in tandem with 3-metre Amazone implements.

The three available models are the tracked 5.115T2, 3-wheeled 2.055W3, and 4-wheeled 2.055W4. Prices for the tracked model start at £300,000, varying based on chosen specifications.

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