Revolutionising Strawberry Farming: Thorvald Robots Treat 10% of UK Crop

Saga strawberries

Saga Robotics, a leading agritech firm from Norway, has successfully expanded its Thorvald robotic services to treat approximately 10% of the UK’s strawberries.

The company has partnered with major strawberry growers across Kent, Scotland, and southern England, positioning itself as the UK’s premier autonomous robotics service provider for the agricultural sector.

The Thorvald 3 robot is a cutting-edge innovation that employs high-intensity UV-C light to control powdery mildew, a common and damaging fungal disease in strawberry cultivation. This advanced method significantly reduces the need for chemical treatments, offering an impressive 60-90% reduction in pesticide use. Moreover, the robot’s operations contribute to substantial environmental benefits, including the absorption of around 150 tonnes of carbon emissions annually.

Key growers, such as Clock House Farm in Kent and the New Forest Fruit Company in Hampshire, have praised the Thorvald robots for their role in enhancing sustainability and improving yield quality. “The introduction of Thorvald robots has revolutionised our approach to crop management,” says a spokesperson from Clock House Farm. “We’ve seen a marked improvement in the health and quality of our strawberries, alongside significant reductions in chemical use.”

The robotic system’s effectiveness in combating powdery mildew not only reduces the environmental footprint of strawberry farming but also aligns with growing consumer demand for more sustainable agricultural practices. As the UK strawberry season peaks, the use of Thorvald robots ensures that crops are protected and yields are maximised without compromising on sustainability.

Saga Robotics’ ambitious vision extends beyond strawberries. The company is exploring the potential applications of its robotic technology across various other crops and agricultural processes. “Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that address the pressing challenges faced by modern agriculture,” explains Erik Mathiesen, CEO of Saga Robotics. “We are committed to helping farmers increase productivity, reduce environmental impact, and ensure food security through the deployment of autonomous robotic systems.”

In addition to its environmental and economic benefits, the adoption of Thorvald robots also addresses labour shortages in the agricultural sector. By automating critical tasks, these robots enable farmers to allocate human resources more efficiently, focusing on areas that require skilled labour and human oversight.

As Saga Robotics continues to expand its footprint in the UK and beyond, the company remains dedicated to advancing agricultural technology. The success of the Thorvald robots in the UK strawberry sector is a testament to the transformative potential of robotics in agriculture, paving the way for a more sustainable and efficient future in food production.

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