Innovations in Bloom: Top Five Companies Revolutionising Horticulture at GreenTech Amsterdam 2024


GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 has concluded, leaving a lasting impression of a horticultural industry on the cusp of transformation.

Pioneering companies unveiled groundbreaking innovations that promise to revolutionise the sector, setting a course towards a sustainable and efficient future. Here’s our pick of the 2024 GreenTech crop:


Priva, renowned for its expertise in climate control and automation, demonstrated integrated systems designed to optimise greenhouse environments. By harnessing advanced data-driven technologies, Priva aims to enhance crop yields while promoting sustainability.


Gro-Med, a champion of eco-friendly growing media, showcased innovative coco coir products that improve moisture retention and aeration. These products are poised to support sustainable practices in hydroponics and greenhouse farming.


Heliospectra, specialising in smart LED lighting solutions, presented dynamic lighting strategies tailored to the specific needs of various plants. These strategies promise to enhance crop growth and energy efficiency in horticultural operations.

Rijk Zwaan

Rijk Zwaan, a leader in plant breeding, introduced new vegetable varieties and advanced cultivation techniques, particularly in vertical farming and controlled environment agriculture. Their innovations address the challenges of urban farming, offering potential solutions for food production in densely populated areas.


Siemens, a technological powerhouse, showcased advanced automation and AI solutions for data integration and autonomous greenhouses. Their technology enables precise control over growing conditions, promoting efficient and sustainable agricultural practices.

Beyond the technological marvels on display, GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 also provided a glimpse into the future of the industry. Linda Bloomfield, Head of Business Development at the Fresh Produce Consortium (FPC), discussed the forthcoming FPC FUTURE EXPO, a co-located event with LAMMA, to be held at the NEC Birmingham on 15th and 16th January 2025.

Bloomfield emphasised the expo’s role in shaping the future of horticulture by bringing together leading innovators and industry professionals.

GreenTech Amsterdam 2024 served as a testament to the innovative spirit driving the horticultural industry towards a future of enhanced productivity, sustainability, and technological integration.

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