Apeel Sciences Enhances Fresh Produce Supply Chain with “The Apeel Leverage” Initiative


Apeel Sciences has introduced the final pillars of its initiative, “The Apeel Leverage,” aimed at enhancing the fresh produce supply chain. This initiative includes two focus areas: “Here for the Long-Haul” and “Satisfy You and Your Customers.” These pillars are designed to improve the longevity and quality of produce during transportation, ultimately benefiting suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

Ryan Fink, Senior Vice President, Commercial at Apeel Sciences, explained that the initiative is not solely focused on reducing food waste but also on improving the overall efficiency and profitability of the supply chain. Apeel’s technology, which involves a plant-based coating, extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. This allows produce to be shipped over longer distances without compromising quality, opening up new markets and reducing the incidence of spoilage and quality markdowns upon arrival.

The “Here for the Long-Haul” pillar focuses on maintaining the aesthetic and nutritional quality of produce during extended transportation. This technology enables suppliers to reach new markets with confidence, reducing logistical challenges and enhancing profitability. By ensuring that produce remains in optimal condition throughout its journey, Apeel helps suppliers minimize waste and maximize their market reach.

The “Satisfy You and Your Customers” pillar aligns Apeel’s technology with consumer demands for high-quality and sustainable produce. By preserving freshness and extending shelf life, retailers can offer products that meet the high expectations of consumers. This leads to better produce displays and marketing strategies, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction and driving repeat purchases.

According to Denise Junqueiro, Vice President, Commercial & Marketing at Apeel Sciences, the initiative showcases how suppliers and retailers can manage their produce more effectively. Apeel’s technology fits into existing operations, reducing the need for new packaging or storage solutions. This allows for more efficient inventory management and reduces shrink, a common challenge in the produce industry.

In summary, “The Apeel Leverage” initiative aims to transform the fresh produce supply chain by addressing key challenges such as spoilage and logistical efficiency. By extending the shelf life of produce, Apeel’s technology benefits all stakeholders in the supply chain, from farmers to consumers. This comprehensive approach supports sustainable practices and enhances the economic outcomes for Apeel’s partners.

For more information, visit Apeel Sciences’ website.

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