Trinity Agtech Partners with Bayer to Drive Carbon Reduction in European Agriculture


UK-based agritech innovator Trinity Agtech has announced a major partnership with Bayer to support the company’s ambitious Carbon Initiative across Europe and beyond. Trinity’s cutting-edge platform, Sandy, will provide vital carbon measurement and monitoring capabilities, enabling farmers to track their environmental impact precisely. This collaboration will also fuel the development of tailored Bayer products for growers, leveraging insights from Trinity’s data-driven solutions.

Launched in 2021, Bayer’s Carbon Initiative spearheads a collaborative effort with major players across the food and agricultural sectors. The aim is to slash carbon emissions while enhancing carbon sequestration within the soil. Early results demonstrate the power of regenerative practices – growers employing these methods see, on average, a 15% reduction in carbon emissions compared to conventional farming.

Trinity’s cloud-based Sandy platform is central to these efforts, offering reliable monitoring, reporting, and verification (MRV). Farmers and project developers can consolidate all relevant data, creating a comprehensive registry of their farm’s natural capital. Access to this information empowers farmers to evaluate their carbon balance and make informed choices for the future.

Trinity’s models and analytical tools adhere rigorously to national and international standards, including those set by the IPCC and the GHG Protocol. They have also been independently verified against ISO 14.064 and 14.067 methodologies. A recent Defra-commissioned study placed Sandy at the forefront of farm carbon footprint and natural capital assessment tools, further bolstering its reputation.

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